Fibre passion to fibre fashion.

Nestlef the workshop fills your ears and the arod in the heart of the majestic prairie lands there lies a cozy little fibre mill, where the gentle hum oma of fresh brewed coffee and sugar cookies hangs lazily in the air. This is the Canadian Fibre Mill.

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About Us

Located just west of the historic city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, we produce hand crafted artisanal yarn with a unique, rustic presentation. Working with local farmers and many Canadian based companies, we use only the finest stock of wool, mohair, alpaca, silk, cashmere, angora and chiengora (when available). 

We offer a rainbow of skeins in varying weights, roving, batts, top and corespun rug yarn. We also carry finished knitted, crocheted and weaved items which are ready to wear, and many other specialty items. Check back with us often to see what amazing creations we’ve come up with. We also carry natural, plant based yarns!

Events and Classes

With your help, we hope to bring this, our community of fibre enthusiasts, together by providing a warm, inviting space for creative and inspired minds to bring their designs to life. Come join our group of friends by attending our events, visiting our mill for tours, or taking classes in our big, open studio. 

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Welcome one and all to the woolly world of fibre arts!